Goulds 3196
Stuffing Box Covers

(Item #:184)
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Frame STX

6" Packed Box R104-562
6" Big Bore RC04056A01
8" Packed Box R104-564
8" Big Bore RC04057A01

Frame MTX

8" Packed Box R100-788
8" Big Bore RC04058A01
10" Packed Box R100-585
10" Big Bore RC04059A01
13" Packed Box R100-529
13" Big Bore RC04060A01

Frame LTX

7" Packed Box N/A
7" Big Bore RD06854A01
8" Packed Box N/A
8" Big Bore RD06854A01
10" Packed Box R100-589
10" Big Bore RC04061A01
13" Packed Box R100-533
13" Big Bore RC04062A01

Frame XLT

13" Packed Box R104-707
13" Big Bore RC04063A01
15" Packed Box R104-710
15" Big Bore RC04064A01

Frame X17

17" Packed Box RD04573A
17" Big Bore RD06767A01
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