Goulds 3196
Labyrinth Seals

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Frame STX

D04584A01-6219 332A Outboard
D08717A01-6241 332A Outboard
D04584A02-6219 333A Inboard
D08717A02-6241 333A Inboard

Frame MTX

D04584A03-6219 332A Outboard
D08717A03-6241 332A Outboard
D04584A04-6219 333A Inboard
DO8717A04-6241 333A Inboard

Frame LTX

D04584A05-6219 332A Outboard
D08717A05-6241 332A Outboard
D04584A06-6219 333A Inboard
D08717A06-6241 333A Inboard

Frame XLTX

D04584A07-6217 332A Outboard
D08717A07-6242 332A Outboard
D04584A19-6219 332A Outboard
D08717A19-6241 332A Outboard
D04584A08-6219 333A Inboard
D08717A08-6242 333A Inboard
D04584A18-6219 333A Inboard
D08717A18-6241 333A Inboard
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